How to install TavernMaker

The main program of TavernMaker (which includes all files for fantasy tavern generation under the English (A)D&D setting) comes as self-installing, executeable file.

  1. Download the file and store it anywhere on your hard disk
  2. Run the file = double-click the icon
  3. Read and accept the TeamWare software licence.
  4. Select the path to install to. (The default path is the standard windows program path.)
  5. Press the install button.
  6. Wait, until setup is completed. (Be patient while the main installation is unpacked!
    Especially the message "Please wait while reading package information may last long!)
    A program called "TavernMaker Update" is automatically launched.
    If it is not shown in front of your screen, bring it into the front by windows program-bar.
    Continue the installation with the next button.
    (All needed packages for the main installation are automatically selected.)
  7. You may optionally create a link to the program on your desktop. Continue with the next button.
  8. The next page shows you all packages which are going to be installed together with their information.
    Click the install button.
  9. WAIT until the installation is completed. The first installation may take quite long time on slower machines, as approximately 700 files are installed/extracted. The message window "Please wait while installing the packages"
    will close automatically, once everything is installed.
    • Don't be impatient! A user, having a AMD Athlon 1800+ reported that the installation took 13 minutes!
    • However, on my machine (which is also an AMD Athlon 1800+) it takes normally 30seconds.
      I guess it might have to do with optional virus-scanner software which might check all files during extraction...
  10. After the installation, all installed packages are listed again and you quit the installation by the finish button.
  11. The TavernMaker Update program will close, but a DOS screen will shortly flash up, because some files are now renamed using a bat-file. Anyway, the installation is now completed, but in case of any troubles you should check that the following folder-tree was correctly generated in your installation directory:

    If you did not get this folder-tree then there are installation-problems and you should contact the project leaders! You may use the alternative (bigger! 12MB!!) download as a ZIP-archive to extract it manually into any installation folder.
  12. To start TavernMaker, run the TavernMaker (TavernMaker.exe) file within your chosen installation folder, or use the (optional) link on your desktop!
    Important for VISTA users: Tavernmaker needs to write files in its own folders. Therefore one has to run Tavernmaker.exe with administrator rights. Alternatively, install the program into a folder within a user profile rather than the default programm location.
  13. You can now use TavernMaker! To enter your registration key, use the registration in the options menu.


How to deinstall TavernMaker

TavernMaker is a "clean" program which by no means "litter" your PC. Therfore, deinstallation of TavernMaker is very simple: Delete the folder in which you have installed TavernMaker (e.g. c:\program files\TavernMaker) and everything is deinstalled. If you created link-icons to TavernMaker, you have to delete them manually.


How to install Add-ons

TavernMaker addons always are stored in a packed archive (*.tap).

  1. Download the package and store it in the update-folder of your TavernMaker installation.
    (e.g. c:\program files\tavernmaker\update).
  2. Launch the TavernMaker-Updater either by doubleclick on the TMUpdate.exe in the main folder of TavernMaker,
    or by launching TavernMaker and choosing the option "Launch TMUpdate.." from the options menu.
  3. The TMUpdate will read all available packages and check your current installation. You can then use the checkboxes in the list of items to add new packages and/or reinstall older packages. When you have made your selections, continue with the next button.
  4. The following page gives you information on the packages you are going to install. Hit the install button and wait until the installation is completed. If requested, close all other running TavernMaker programs.
  5. After the installation,an installation summary is presented and you end the add-on installation by the finish button.